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Writing Institute Partnerships

Created at Ditmas – the Writing Institute - founded by Dr. Rose Reissman, a District 20 resident whose mother taught at PS 139, has been recognized, awarded & cited for excellence by: Learning Professional Best, the Pennsylvania Council of Social Studies, the New York State Council of Teachers of English, NCTE, the Museum of the City of New York, the Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum, the CMOM Museum, the National Council of Teachers of English, The Colorado Council of English Teachers, the ASCD, Corwin Press, Penguin Press and the Kappa Delta Pi-New Teacher Advocate.

The Writing Institute at Ditmas under the direction of Dr. Reissman, has developed student literacy projects which are aligned to the Common Core and presented to real world audiences of adults, teacher educators, lawyers, guidance counselors and school administrators. Mr. Kevorkian , Principal, and Dr. Reissman have established Ditmas School Partnerships which enhance the quality of literacy, career, college preparation, journalism entry and digital literacy career preparation. Among these prestigious partnerships are: the Columbia School of Journalism, the Pennsylvania Council of Social Studies, the Bear Creek Charter School of Pennsylvania, Bob Randal and Associates Graduate Social Studies and Diversity Team, Project Legal NYS (Dr. Jim Carroll), York College Teacher Education Department, the Johnstown High School of Pennsylvania, the Media Youth Festival, the Ivdu Special Needs School, the ISTE Literacy Network, LEAP-Law education and Participation-Dr. David Trevaskis Esquire, Veronica Chambers Nest (Chambers is a Ditmas 80’s alum) and the Lindamichellebaron Poetry Share Network. 

Our students’ sample projects developed by Dr. Reissman and Writing Institute Teacher leaders –Mr. Michael Downes, Mr. Angelo Carideo, Mr. David Liotta, Ms. Amanda Xavier, Mr.Denis Nolan, Mr. Mike J. Grzelecki, Ms. Sophia Rashid, Ms. Missy Schiro, Ms. Dina Annese, Ms. Tatiyana Helms, Ms. Diana Raffellini, Mr. Steven Guardino, Ms. Amy Mathis, Ms. Mary Cataldo, and Mr. Matthew Feuerstein are featured on Lindamichellebaron’s website and Trudy Ludwig’s website. Mr. Downes heads the Ditmas Bulldog Buzz and Ms. Xavier is its ELA Editor. All books published of student work – at least 5 a year – are coordinated by Dr. Reissman with the proof editing of Ms. Amanda Xavier. Ms. Sophia Rashid, Ms. Tatiyana Helms and Ms. Mary Cataldo develop and innovate the ESL component of leadership and Mr. Guardino develops the emergent literacy ESL component. Mr. Mike J Grzelecki develops the Sharon Draper and Newslink to Literature and Citizenship division. Mr. Angelo Carideo develops the Law leadership aspect. Mr. Denis Nolan works on Great Thinkers and Writers and World Civilizations. Ms. Raffellini customizes curricula for her special needs students.

Dr. Reissman and Mr. Angelo Carideo, Mr. Michael Downes, and Mr. David Liotta have published many articles to contribute to the media literacy field. These articles focus on the Carideo-Liotta- Downes Ditmas News Network, subject content videos and more and the Dr. Reissman-Downes Oral History Center/Forums/ Books and innovative HILLS (History through integration of literacy links and schema). Mr. Downes and assistant Dr. Reissman have just launched the Ditmas Bulldog Buzz newspaper of news in, around and about Kensington & the world, done with and produced by a team of 20 engaged 7th and 8th grade journalists headed by students Muskan Rani and Zebo Sultanova.

Every month the Writing Institute has an outstanding author or journalist or arts figure. This 2014 season we have had : Veronica Chambers, Jacqueline Woodson and Todd Strasser.

Launch: Literacy Book Club

The Writing Institute will launch a family literacy book club funded by Dr. Reissman with free books and book conversations for the first 10 registering families.

Watch these pages for more pictures, events and articles published by the Writing Institute.

Please contact Dr. Reissman for issues of the Ditmas Bulldog Buzz and month by month activities.

The Writing Institute is a product of the Kevorkian Administration of Ditmas and has the support of Assistant Principals - Marielena Santiago, Gina Smalley, Michelle Esposito and Gina Lynch. It is sponsored in part by Dr. Reissman, Marketplace Trading and TWRuban Group. The Ditmas Bulldog Buzz is developed during Flatbush Development Corporation after-school time.

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