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Cell Phone Policy

Policy: NO

  • Cell Phones 
  • Computing Devices 
  • Portable Music & Entertainment Systems

on School Property

A.     As per chancellor’s Regulation A-413, students are permitted to bring the following electronic items to school: (1) cell phones, (2)   laptops, tablets ipads, and other similar computing devices.

B.     It is the policy of Ditmas I.S. 62 that all such items mentioned above MAY NOT be used inside the school.

C.     Students bringing such electronic items to school must keep them turned off and stored in their backpacks.

D.     Students who use cell phones, computing devices and/or portable music and entertainment systems in violation of any provision of the DOE’s (Department of Education’s) Discipline Code, the school’s policy, Chancellor’s Regulation A-413 and/or the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (“IAUSP”) will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code.

E.     Confiscation and return of electronic items: In the case when a cell phone or any electronic device has been confiscated by an administrator or teacher, the following options will be available to school staff. Methods of confiscation and re-distribution will be determined on a case by case basis:

  •      Confiscation of item and return at the end of the school day;
  •      Confiscation of item and return the following parent conference;
  •      Confiscation of item and return following student entering into behavioral contract;
  •      Revocation of privilege to bring item to school.

F.     Indemnification

  1. If a student’s device is broken, misplaced or lost, Ditmas I.S. 62 is not responsible to replace the device.
  2. In the event that a device is stolen, our staff will thoroughly investigate the incident and discipline students accordingly.
  3. It is our belief that electronics of the type mentioned in this policy should be left at home and are not conducive to student achievement in the classroom because of the distraction they produce.

G.     If parents wish to communicate with their children during school hours, they must call the main office at (718) 941-5450.

It is in the spirit of our school’s Core Values of Accountability, Collaboration and Trust that we should remember: How we ACT Matters!

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