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Welcome to Ditmas, where our teachers, support staff and administration continually challenge our students with high expectations for academic, social and emotional growth. The information available on this site and through our school describes the varied programs...

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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide all students with an equitable education which allows each child the opportunity to achieve excellence and become a productive citizen, ready to participate in our democratic society. Through the exploration of the arts and community service...
The NYC School Survey Report 
This report shares parent, student, and teacher responses to the NYC School Survey. In this year's report, survey questions...

School Quality Reports

In November 2014, the New York City Department of Education released two new school quality reports, which present information about the school’s practices, learning environment, and performance results:

  • The School Quality Snapshot is designed specifically for families, and provides a concise summary of each school’s practices, environment, and performance.
  • The School Quality Guide is a more detailed report with additional information, including multiple years of data to show the school’s progress over time.

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