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Family Resources

New York City Department of Education Website: schools.nyc.gov/ParentsFamilies

For parents, the SUREST PLAN available towards graduation is to STAY INFORMED, and GET INVOLVED. 

Staying informed about your child's academic performance and behavior at school are key ways to make sure your child is developing the skills needed to be successful in college or career. The easiest way to stay informed about your child's education is to get involved at your child's school:

     1: Check in regularly with your child's teacher(s)

     2: Attend Parent Teacher Conferences

     3: Volunteer at school events, and/or join the Parent Teacher Association

The NYC Department of Education website is full of valuable family resources. Visit the NYC Department of Education's Parents & Families Pagesschools.nyc.gov/ParentsFamilies & sign up for updates. Take a look at a few tips offered:


Synthesis is creating a single understanding from a variety of sources. Good readers combine new information from their reading with existing knowledge.


· Compare and contrast what I’m reading with what I already know or other sources of information.

  • Think of new ways to use this information.
  • Can connections I make across the text help me create new generalizations or new perspectives?


Expect Success: Stay Informed & Get Involved!

Expect Success

Expect Success

Read the Expect Success Guide for Elementary, Middle School & High School in the following languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish & Urdu.

Ask questions

  • Ask questions of the author, yourself and the text.
  • What is the author trying to say?
  • What is the message of the piece?
  • Do I know something about the topic?
  • What do I think I will learn next?
  • How could this be explained to someone else?
  • What predictions do I have about this reading?


An Immigrant's Guide to College: YES, You Can!

Yes You Can

College Guide For Immigrant Families

An Action Guide for Immigrant Families

Parent Roadmaps: ELA

  1. Parent Roadmap – Supporting Your Child in English Language Arts/Literacy K-8

Parent Roadmaps: Math

  1. Parent Roadmap – Supporting Your Child in Math K-8

Make Connections

Notice any text that relates to or reminds you of:

  • Your past life, past experiences, prior knowledge
  • Other books, articles, movies, songs
  • Events, people, or issues


  • That reminds me of…
  • This made me think of…
  • I read another book that…
  • This is different from…
  • I remember when…

Tips: Learnning at Home

Activity Guides for ELA & Math

Common Core Tips


For more information │Call or eMail Marilyn Aybar, Parent Coordinator  │ 347.563.4545 │ [email protected]
Visit www.nyc.gov/schools or│Email [email protected] │Call: 212.374.4118

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