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Dress Policy

Appropriate Dress Places Renewed Emphasis on Safety & Creates a Positive Learning Environment

Ditmas Intermediate School 62, has made some modifications to its procedures in order to promote a more positive school climate. While most rules and procedures listed in the Student Handbook are unchanged for the New York City Department of Education public school system (NYCDOE), there were some changes made that should help to create a comfortable, safer and more secure learning environment for one such neighborhood intermediate public school in Brooklyn, New York: Ditmas Intermediate School 62.

The public school setting is a work place, and intermediate students need understand that in order to do their best, they need to be focused on their work. The changes that were implemented are quite minor, but emphasize common sense, good judgment, and safety.

The rules governing student dress were adjusted for two major reasons: First, to create a more appropriate “work environment” that is conducive to learning, and second, to reflect safety concerns that are being looked at nationally. For example, students are not permitted to wear the excessively long T-shirts that over the last few years have become fashionable with some male students. Students will be directed to tuck in the shirt if it hangs lower than the bottom of the pants pockets. Sadly, in too many public places students have brought weapons into school hiding them under those long shirts. It should be noted that the very long shirts also tend to be a safety hazard in just moving about the building.

For the same reason, students are being asked to pull up pants so they are worn at the waist as designed. The baggy pants and tight pants also tend to be a safety issue in walking.

In promoting a good work environment, it is expected that students and parents will use good judgment and exercise decorum in their clothing. Recent fashion trends have seen the “belly” shirt and rolled down waistbands. The school is looking for tops and bottoms of students’ outfits to “meet in the middle”. Pajama wearing has also become a fashion statement; pajamas are for wearing to bed and will not be allowed in intermediate school. Students wearing pajamas will be made to call home to have appropriate clothing brought to school so they can change. Also, flip-flops are a true concern for safety reasons; it is advised that students do not wear flip-flops in school. Fashion is one thing, but you can be fashionable while also being appropriately dressed for school and the workplace.

Cell phones are everywhere today and Ditmas Intermediate School 62 is working to be reasonable while also taking an approach that allows for learning to go on. New York City Public School students may be in possession of them during the day, but they must keep them "off & away" during school hours. Whether kept in their backpacks or pockets, as long as the phone is turned off and out of sight, it is not a problem. With the prevalence of the phones, it was unrealistic to ban them from the building, but we cannot have them ringing during class or having students text message test answers to other students. This is a fair solution.

Camera phones, too, can be a wonderful and entertaining tool, but can also create problems if misused. Any picture and video-taking devise is banned from locations where privacy is expected. While it may seem obvious, cameras and camera phones are not to be used in public or private places such as locker rooms and lavatories.

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